Bone China Urchin

I have been dabbling in various types of clay. I wanted to use bone china clay and slips together, I have combined them to make a bowl with decorations. These were made using biscuit cutters to form delicate fonds.

I was inspired by Urchins and their aquatic mottled exterior.

Ceramic work for Neulinge

In this piece I have used printed matter from my background. I have used elephant skull prints as I remember playing with elephant skulls. I have also cut up maps of England. I have  cut up prints of lino cuts with the pattern of Victorian lace that has been changed to include monkeys and elephants.

A Collaged Screen using print and ceramics. This screen is called Fanta Morgora. It depicts the sort of sea mirage that migrants might have. It houses ceramic pieces with coral imbeded init. Also the prints are shaped like bunting are made from elephant skull prints and Victorian lace. The elephant skulls feature heavily in my work because of childhood memory of playing with elephant skulls. I corrupted a Victorian lace with the lino cut images of elephants and monkeys.

I wanted to create a mirage at sea. Not always the future which one imagines for oneself when you migrate.

I was inspired by the migration of Urchins across our oceans to create a fictional character called Mr Sea Urchin.

However I could visually they are pots that represent events and time. They have been decorated using biscuit cutters  and

These are a range of forty three pots I made for each year of my life in Britain. Showing that time can be represented in ceramic vessels. I could not describe my life and what it feels like to be British.


In April 2018 there will be an exhibition at the Crypt gallery at Euston. There will be ten artists all coming from an Asian background. All women who have come together because they want to discuss migration and identity.

The title ‘Neulinge’ was chosen because it means newcomer in German. It was apt as Germany took a million refugees.

For the exhibition I wanted to make forty three ceramic vessels. It is the amount of time I have been in Britain. I also these vessels as containing time. They were inspired by Urchins and the sea.

Artists residency at Griffin Gallery