You Urchin!

A circular painting inspired by Urchins and migration. I have used the skin patterns of Urchins with its broken textures to create the painting. I was inspired by the frame.



In April 2018 there will be an exhibition at the Crypt gallery at Euston. There will be ten artists all coming from an Asian background. All women who have come together because they want to discuss migration and identity.

The title ‘Neulinge’ was chosen because it means newcomer in German. It was apt as Germany took a million refugees.

For the exhibition I wanted to make forty three ceramic vessels. It is the amount of time I have been in Britain. I also these vessels as containing time. They were inspired by Urchins and the sea.

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  • Luke Burton

    Chudamani Clowes

    Matthew Cornford

    Nicole Coson

    Sam Curtis

    Jeremy Hutchison

    Kristian Kragelund

    Eleanor Morgan

    Fay Nicolson

    Yelena Popova

    Gavin Wade

    Stuart Whipps


    1st JULY 6pm until 12pm

    Fish Rubbing with

    Sam Curtis and Eleanor Morgan

    booking essential


    6th July 6.30-9pm

    Drinks served

    workshops available to book

    13-19 Herald Street, Bethnal Green, E2 6JT, London

    Division of Labour

    Print Dept.

Artists residency at Griffin Gallery